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Articles: Nuffield Institute Study 1943

Background Information
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Nuffield College

Social Reconstruction Survey

The Nuffield Institute undertook a  report into the post war reconstruction of the Stroud Area - including Nailsworth, Stonehouse and Dursley. Whilst the report deals with Dursley it is reported seperately and has not been reproduced here. 

The investigation included “a review of the pre-war position of of local industries and services and the employment dependent on them, an examination and comparison of the present position as affected by the war of those industries and services, and a consideration of the factors which are likely to affect the post-war industrial development of the area; and to obtain and comment on the views of representative local bodies on the post war development of the area” and was conducted by Professor Hamilton Whyte assisted by Dr Idris Bell.

Further background information can be found in Chas Townley's article The Stroud Reconstruction Study

The Stroud Reconstruction Study - Chas Townley

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Nuffield Study - Appendix 1 - Stroud and Nailsworth (includes Stonehouse)

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Nuffield Study - Appendix 2 - Daniels

Nuffield Study - Appendix 2 - Dundas Limited

Nuffield Study - Appendix 2 - Dundas Ltd (Second Factory)
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